By Paul Butler



 Remove cover after 4 hours hours and gently wash with  warm soapy water and pat dry with a soft clean towel. Once you have removed your covering do not apply another as it is very important that you let the air get to your new tattoo and if you keep it covered with a dressing or any other air concealing product  while it is healing you will have problems. Apply cream twice daily to your new tattoo until fully healed.  Bepanthen cream do  not use any sprays on your new tattoo and avoid perfumed moisturisers.

It is fine to shower and bath while your tattoo is healing but do not soak in the bath. Avoid swimming while your new tattoo his healing and avoid sun burn. If your tattoo is less than 12 weeks old before you holiday in a hot country then make sure you sun block it.

Your new tattoo will form a scab and this is normal. The scab will fall off between 7 and 14 days depending on where the tattoo is placed  how much work has gone into the tattoo and the age and the skin type of the individual being tattooed.

Do not pick your scab or your new tattoo will heal patchy and you will also cause possible skin damage. Your tattoo will get itchy while it is healing and this is normal apply some cream to your tattoo when it is itching and you will find the itching will stop.

Tattoo Aftercare  Guidelines

A tattoo will last a lifetime always use a professional registered tattoo artist